What’s your story?

We want to hear how STIGMA has impacted your life.  What has given you the STAMINA to endure or overcome?  What supports have helped you?  What needs to change to make things better for you and others?

By sharing our stories, we can all help others face their own experiences of stigma with more courage.

Stigma is widespread in society and can be triggered by many different factors.  Perceptions of a person’s race, religion, sex, gender-identity, sexuality, (dis)ability, physical and/or mental health, social & economic status, use or non-use of alcohol or drugs, even seemingly mundane things like age, the colour of one’s hair, or being left-handed.  There are countless others as well.  Often a combination of factors is involved.

We invite you to share your story, either in writing, or as a video or audio recording, or in conversation with a Stamina not Stigma project team member.  All submissions can be anonymized upon request.Contact us for more information, or send your story submissions to stigmanotstamina@gmail.com